About the Book

In his mid-40s, Jeff Schmidt unexpectedly found himself in hospital. In an instant, or rather a series of strained, chest-crushing, arm-aching, jaw-clenching heart attacks, he was thrust from the life he knew as a healthy, tenacious professional and plunged into a strange new world. The journey was profound. Along the way there were many bleeps, groans, characters and emotions, but, most significantly, there was change.

In this book, Jeff shares candid observations throughout the transformational journey which took him from losing sight of life as he knew it to gaining new perspectives of life’s beauty and meaning. It was a journey that would ignite his motivation, passion, and productivity. At his side, a ubiquitous 0.1mm pen and a trusty watercolour pan, which allowed him to candidly document the joy, the unexpected, the pain, and the revelation of his recovery.

For anyone wondering if there is hope beyond trauma.

For anyone thirsting for a genuine encounter with recovery.

For anyone yearning for a renewed sense of passion in life.

Heart Attack is a fresh and original perspective on one man’s recovery and renewal after the trauma of a heart attack.



“Very moving, gritty, searingly honest, fun and profound. The preciousness of life comes through strongly and such a strong sense of wonder.”


“This series of thoughts, pictures, observations and insightful conclusions is staggering! Just so wonderful to hear your perspective from the bed instead of my usual perspective of the bedside....so much to be learnt!”


"What a gifted and inspirational man Jeff is. Wow, the words he crafts and the artistic flare is AMAZING. Jeff has a real gift that needs to be heard.”


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