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JEFF SCHMIDT is an educator, author, illustrator, speaker and aficionado of a life well-lived. Originally from the tall grass prairies of Canada, he now lives in the UK with his intrepid wife and kids. He fills his days inspiring and being inspired, exploring the world, and documenting its goodness.

As a young professional in his forties, Jeff's life was thrown into chaos and uncertainty after he experienced a series of heart attacks. Once non-stop and deeply ambitious, Jeff was forced to slow down and take stock of his lifestyle choices. It was an opportunity for renewal which eventually led to unique insights and the creation of an acclaimed book.

Jeff's distinctive approach to capturing everyday moments through his art is both riveting and noteworthy. His inspirational illustrations have made their way into publications and commission projects, from wellness festivals, to architectural reimaginings to hospital commissions.

As a leader, Jeff is creative and an innovator. He has worked in the education sector for over 20 years, working in the UK, Canada, India and Uganda. He currently serves on the leadership team of a distinctive school in SW London.

Jeff has made a name for himself transforming school culture with creative programmes, impacting community events, strong pastoral care and innovative assemblies.

He runs inspiring workshops and insets for professionals.

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+ Trauma recovery

+ Welling in a busy world

+ Illustration and writing

+ Creativity in education

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